CeraPave Porcelain Paving

Pepper Grey
Pepper Grey color

In the last couple of years, the new trend in hardscapes is porcelain tiles.  Porcelain tiles offer low water absorption, high resistance to freeze, thaw cycles,  easy installation and maintenance and modern texture and designs.   New for 2019, Tameling Industries will be carrying CeraPave Porcelain tiles.  CeraPave Porecelain tiles have unmatched quality and durability. CeraPave Porcelain tiles are made in the USA and priced lower compared to porcelain tiles imported by other paver manufacturers.  Below are the colors and sizes offered in the CeraPave Porcelian Paving tiles and sold by the piece and are 3/4″ in thickness


Beige Travertine
Tavertine color and 24×24 size only
Bluestone Grigio
Bluestone Grigio 24×24 size only


Pepper Grey
Pepper Grey 24×24 size only


Silver Grey Quartzite
Silver Grey Quartzite 24×24, 36×24 24×12 and 12×12 sizes
Cappuccino Beige
Cappuccino Beige 12×12, 24×12, 24×24 36×24 sizes
Basalt 24×24 size only
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