Grass Seed

Grass SeedAll of our grass seeds are supplied by a local seed company and have been specifically created to endure the extremes of Chicago weather. Each mix is designed to handle a certain amount of sunlight and needs to be purchased according to the conditions of the area where you desire it to grow. All of our grass mixes will survive the winter and (with the right care) come back stronger the next year. For your convenience, we supply you with four different types of seed (packaged in bags of 3 lbs., 25 lbs. and 50 lbs.).

Seeding a lawn properly is a rather involved process. Upon making your decision to use grass seed, it is important for you to follow a number of steps. First, observe the amount of sun the lawn will get over the course of the day. This will make a difference in whether you purchase Premium Shady, Sun and Shade, or Pro Mix. Next you will need to mow the grass and then loosen the soil. Then spread the grass seed along with a starter fertilizer. Spreas another ¼ – ½ inch of topsoil, peat moss, or mushroom compost on top of the seeds. In areas where erosion takes place it will be important to place straw or an erosion mat down to prevent the soil and seeds from washing away. After that you still need to water the seeds about twice each day to keep the soil moist. The seeds will germinate in about 7 – 21 days. However, you will need to wait longer before mowing the lawn.

Lawn Starter Pro

Encap ProfessionalENCAP’s Lawn Starter™ Pro is a granular mulch that can be applied with most broadcast spreaders. The granules are made from recycled paper and contain ENCAP’s proprietary blend of soil stabilizing polymers. The polymers are designed to improve soil conditions and keep seed, soil and fertilizer right where you put them, even after it rains. The polymers also help to condition the soil by creating micro channels that help to get water and nutrients into the root zone. This improves germination and overall seed establishment. All of this in a product that is clean and easy to use. ENCAP’s Lawn Starter™ Pro is fast and easy to apply with no cleanup saving you time, money and labor. Lawn Starter™ Pro is the earth – friendly choice of landscape professionals.

Application Rates

  • No Slope up to 4:1: 25 lbs/1000 square feet
  • 4:1 – 3:1 Slope: 25-50 lbs/1000 square feet
  • 3:1 – 2:1 Slope: 50-75 lbs/1000 square feet


  • Holds Seed: Keeps soil, seed and fertilizer right where you left it, even if it rains.
  • Saves Money: Has double the coverage of other granular mulches.
  • Water Guide: Visible watering guide eliminates the guesswork by telling you when to water.
  • Saves Time: Simply apply with a spreader and you are finished. No mess to clean up, or stakes to install.
  • Easy to Use: Easy to store and handle. Can be applied with a broadcast spreader.



PennMulchWith Moisture Cell Technology…Of all the challenges a turf professional faces getting a healthy consistent stand of turf from seed is potentially the most frustrating. This is why the innovators at Lebanon Turf Products are so excited about PennMulch® Seed Accelerator. PennMulch® Seed Accelerator is a breakthrough product that is designed to help professionals get faster better results from any seeding job. PennMulch® pellets are made of recycled paper that breaks down naturally without robbing the soil of nutrients. PennMulch® contains no weed seeds.

GreenView Preen   

Are you sick and tired of spending every Saturday afternoon weeding, and every Saturday night nursing the sore back that this tiresome activity inevitable produces? Preen is absolutely guaranteed by GreenView to prevent the growth and spread of weeds in your flowers, gardens and landscaping. Here are some advantages to using Preen:


  • Effectively prevents 27 different annual broadleaf and grassy weeds from growing around nearly 180 varieties of bulbs, flowers, roses, shrubs, trees and vegetables
  • One application will prevent weeds for up to three months
  • May be applied throughout the entire growing season-spring, summer and fall
  • May be used on sloping areas without fear of runoff or leaching

Notice: Preen is a weed preventer, not a weed killer. If weeds are already growing, they must first be removed, before application of Preen.

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