Straw - Tameling'sTameling Industries sells bales of straw that measure about 12″ x 18″ x 36″. To make it more convenient for you, we also carry straw mats in two sizes. You can purchase them in either 4 or 8 foot widths by 112.5 feet long. Each covers 50 or 100 sq. yards, respectively.

The straw mats are particularly convenient. All you have to do is cut the plastic and unroll the netting, which has the straw already spread throughout the product. A necessity for seeding a lawn, straw provides protection against wind and rain erosion while also giving the required shade to the grass seed. However, straw has a couple other uses.

Straw - Tameling'sDuring the colder months homeowners are advised to cover newly poured concrete with straw. The purpose for doing this is to provide an insulator to prevent the concrete from cracking. Straw is also a great insulator for exposed pipes. This method protects outdoor pipes from freezing and breaking.

Tamelings also stocks the 4×101 and 8×101 excelsior blankets as well.

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