Pine Fines

Pine Fines are composed of finely shredded pine bark. The shredding process brings out the rich scent of the bark. When freshly spread, Pine Fines offer your garden a pleasant aroma. A top quality pine bark for container growing media, soil amending or blending, Pine Fines provide optimum drainage and proper aeration for maximum root development.

You can pick up the pine fines at our location in Willowbrook, or have it delivered. Please refer to page 1 in our catalog for the delivery fee to your area.  For pricing per yard delivered or picked up,  refer to page 3.  Click on the the link below for the different types of trucks we use for deliveries.

If you are picking up at our yard, click on the link below for vehicle capacities. On that page, you will see what a yard of mulch looks like.

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