TechniSoil Bark Binder

new-web-5-gallon-BB BarkBinder by TechniSoil is a mulch sealer that is very easy to apply and best of all, it actually works to protect and seal your mulch.  This eco-friendly bark and mulch sealer is designed to keep bark in place while preserving the color of the materials.  We often refer to BarkBinder as a hairspray for mulch.  This water-permeable solution can be applied in a matter of minutes with standard equipment and will harden and protect your mulch within hours. Keep your mulch looking like new!

  • Safe for use around plants, animals and humans
  • Blow leaves off it, bark will stay put
  • Won’t wash away in heavy rain
  • Preserves the color of your mulch
  • Allows water and nutrient transfer to plants
  • Use with bark, mulch and pine straw
  • Low maintenance
  • Prevents weeds from growing

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