Topsoil - TamelingsWhether it is after a heavy rain or before the first week of spring, Tamelings can almost always serve your topsoil needs. By running our own dirt field and covering our pulverized topsoil bin in the yard, we are able to protect our material from the elements. This allows us to sell and deliver dirt in the beginning of the year and also after a heavy rain when our competitors cannot.

Topsoil - Tameling'sOur Topsoil comes from the old farmlands out near Interstate 55 and Weber Road, where it is pulverized and then shipped to our yard. Since it has been run through a pulverizer, the largest clumps have already be taken out. If the topsoil does not pass through the machine, it is dumped into a separate pile where it is sold as rough dirt. This rough dirt can be purchased to level off a large area while still permitting you to spread a few inches of topsoil over the top. At Tameling Industries we run our own dirtfield to assure that our topsoil is of the highest quality. We do this to provide you, the customer, with the best product at the lowest possible cost.

You can pick up the topsoil at our location in Willowbrook, or have it delivered.  Please refer to page 1 in our catalog for the delivery fee to your area.  For pricing per yard delivered or picked up,  refer to page 2.  Click on the the link below for the different types of trucks we use for deliveries.

If you are picking up at our yard, click on the link below for vehicle capacities.  On that page, you will see what  a yard of dirt looks like.

Price of topsoil delivered is subject to change due to weather and seasonal changes.

New Plant Life Growing Mixes and Soil Amendments

Topsoil - All PurposeAll Purpose Top Soil

Excellent For:

  • Lawn Seeding, Gardening, & Landscaping
  • Great for use in Lawns, Flower & Vegetable Gardens, Shrubs Trees & Evergreens


Top Dressing & Reseeding Existing Lawns: Use New Plant Life Top Soil right from the bag and spread evenly. After broadcasting seeds, cover lightly with additional top soil, spreading evenly 1/2 to 1/4 inch deep.

Shrubs, Trees, & Evergreens: New Plant Life Top Soil can be used straight from the bag for planting all outdoor plants. However a better planting medium is obtained when mixing 1 part New Plant Life Composted Manure, 1 part New Plant Life All Purpose Peat and 2 parts New Plant Life Top Soil. Using this mixture place 4 to 6 inches in bottom of hole. Position tree, shrub or evergreen, then use same mixture to finish filling hole to proper level. Water plants immediately and refill any area that settles.

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