Wisconsin Granite

Available in a wide array of both color and size, Granite Cobblestones are the perfect addition to any landscaped area. They appear ovular in shape and range anywhere from 4 to 40 inches in diameter. Cobblestones come in a variety of natural colors (light pink, light green, light blue, cream, and a light gray). These granite stones look great around ponds and perfectly accentuate beds of mulch. When placed near the street, they provide great protection against vehicles driving or parking on your lawn. They also can be placed around trees and other landscaped areas to serve as a border between the grass and landscaping material.

4 to 8 inch8 to 12 inch 12 to 18 inch

18 to 24 inch24 to 36 inch


All the different types of stone can be picked up at our location in Willowbrook, or delivered. Please refer to page 1 in our catalog for delivery prices to your area.  Click on the the link below for the different types of trucks we use for deliveries.    For pricing on the cobblestones, refer to page 5 in the catalog and page 21 for coverage per ton.

If you are picking up at our yard, click on the link below for vehicle capacities. On that page you will see what a ton of stone looks like.

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