Wellington Wall
Wellington wall in Cotswold mist

Retaining walls have become an important part of landscape designs. They are often used to level off a sloped area, provide another dimension to a yard, and protect homes from retention ponds.

You have the option of picking up the retaining walls in our yard or have it delivered.  For retaining wall deliveries, we use a flatbed truck with a princeton (  The flatbed delivery fee is an extra $70 plus the normal delivery fee to your area and can carry up to 8 pallets.  Orders over 9 pallets can be direct shipped from either Belgard, Unilock or Rosetta.  Please call the office for more information on direct shipments.

For more information on specs, colors, installation, and design ideas, click on tabs.  We  have display racks and installed pathways in our yard for you to look at.  (

Your are more than welcome to stop anytime even after hours to get a better understanding of color and texture.

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