Comparing Outdoor Elements

ClaremontFirePlaceKit_AuburnRidge_Hero brighton_beautybelgard fireplace

A pre-built fire pit or fireplace will add beauty and function to your backyard patio and allows you to enjoy the outdoors a little longer.  As an authorized Belgard, Rosetta and Unilock dealer, we offer a wide variety of fire pits and  fireplaces for you to compare and choose from. Below is a comparison chart from Belgard, Rosetta and Unilock.  Click on the links for colors and specs.   For pricing on the fire pits, refer to pages 17 and 19 in our catalog.  For pricing on the fireplaces, please call us at 630-323-717.   For fireplace orders, you need to place the order at least two weeks in advance.  We do have the Bordeaux fireplace installed in our yard.  The prices below don’t include sales tax, wood boxes, hearths or delivery. Coupons are not valid on the fire places.

Belgard                                           Unilock                                            Rosetta

Bordeaux Fireplace                     Bella Fireplace                                Belvedere Fireplace

$4642.66                                        $8300                                               $6264

Brighton Fireplace                        Tuscany Fireplace

$4915.79                                        $5775

Bristol Fireplace                           Barcelona Fireplace

$5541.42                                        $6652.50

Bordeaux Fireplace                      Moda Fireplace                               Clairemont Fireplace

$4642.66                                        $7050                                               $6264

Weston Universal Firepit             Sunset Firepit                                  Square Firepit

$525                                                $445                                                  $500-660

N/A                                                  Rivercrest Firepit                             Belvedere Firepit  

N/A                                                  $1543.50                                           $660

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