Dimensional Wall Collection


Dimensional straight wall being used for a grill island

The Rosetta Dimensional Wall is a multipurpose wall system that is ideal garden walls, retaining, freestanding walls and columns.  The dimensional wall will give the natural look of 8″ wallstone, but has consistent dimensions to make installs easier, less costly and no waste of material.  One benefit of the dimensional wall is that it is sold by the piece http://www.tamelings.com/walls/comparing-belgard-rosetta-and-unilock/

For more information on design ideas, colors and specs, click on the link below. http://www.rosettahardscapes.com/dimensional-retaining-wall-blocks

We  have display racks and installed pathways in our yard for you to look at.  Your are more than welcome to stop anytime even after hours to get a better understanding of color and texture.  (http://www.tamelings.com/about-us/tameling-outdoor-displays/)

You have the option of picking up the retaining walls in our yard or have it delivered.  For retaining wall deliveries, we use a flatbed truck with a princeton (www.tamelings.com/about-us/deliveries).  The flatbed delivery fee is an extra $70 plus the normal delivery fee to your area and can carry up to 8 pallets.



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