Most landscaping projects require the use of a construction stone to provide level ground as the base. Since the lifespan and quality of your project depends so heavily upon the base you use, we provide numerous choices in construction stones. This helps assure that you are able to get the job done right the first time.

All the different types of stone can be picked up at our location in Willowbrook, or delivered. Please refer to page 1 in our catalog for delivery prices to your area. Click on the the link below for the different types of trucks we use for deliveries. For pricing on the different types of stone, refer to page 4 in the catalog.

If you are picking up at our yard, click on the link below for vehicle capacities. On that page, you will see what a ton of stone looks like.

3/8 Limestone Chips

3/8 chips are used for topcoat for driveways and for underneath permeable pavers.

Grade 9

Grade 9 is crushed up small A and the same thing as roadmix, but is used for areas that are sensitive to lime such as trees and plants.

Fine Sand

  • Spread on top of pavers after installation to fill the joints and provide a nice tight fit, helping to prevent shifting.
  • Putting in a pool? Then you will need fine sand under the liner to prevent scratches and to level the ground.
  • Fine Sand is commonly referred to as play sand and is often used in sand boxes.

3/8 Pea Gravel

  • Use mostly for surrounding draintile and providing cover while still allowing for drainage.
  • Other areas where 3/8 Pea Gravel is used:
    • dog runs
    • under wood decks

5/8 Pea Gravel

  • Rounded pebbles that are around 5/8 inches in diameter
  • Locations that are ideal for 5/8 Pea Gravel:
    • dog runs
    • under wood decks

Small A

  • Rounded pebbles that average 1-1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Used primarily in drainage areas and around draintile.
  • Can also be used in:
    • dog runs
    • under wood decks

3/4 Limestone

  • A gravel that serves as a base, drainage stone, or a leveling rock.
  • This jagged white stone measures on average 3/4 of an inch.
  • When using this stone, you must not spread it above or around trees and shrubs as it will prevent growth and eventually lead to the death of the plant.
  • 3/4 Limestone is not meant to be spread for driveways as it will not compact to form a solid base.


  • Crushed limestone that measures about 3/16 of an inch
  • Designed to be spread between the cracks of flagstone walkways or patios
  • Can also be used in a manner similar to coarse sand
  • When compacted using water, screenings become a hard substance comparable to concrete and therefore are not the right product to use for drainage areas.


  • This product is used as an initial base for any landscaping project that needs to be level after completion.
  • Roadmix is to be spread, compacted, and then leveled to about 4 inches (6″-12″ for driveways).
  • Projects that require Roadmix:
    • Driveways
    • Patios; both plagstone and brick
    • Walls; both retaining and decorative
Rip Rap
  • Consists of limestone chunks that are about 4-10 inches in dimension
  • Used around larger decorative ponds and in retention ponds

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Propane Gas Refill Service

Make Tamelings your stop for propane gas refill. We service gas grill bottles, lift trucks, campers, and motor homes.


We at Tameling Industries are always looking for good people to help us with the following day to day operations:

  • Sales Counter: The job would require dealing with both landscapers and homeowners that come into our showroom. Taking delivery orders over the phone and working a basic cash register. We are open during the summer months six days a week and could be looking for full time or part time people.
  • Yard Help: The job would require driving tractors and forklifts loading up landscapers as well as Tameling delivery trucks.
  • CDL Driver: We require a CDL class B with air brake endorsement and CDL class A.