Tired of weeding gardens and mulch beds? We carry two different types of landscape fabric (spun-bound and non-woven) in numerous lengths and widths. In addition, we also stock plastic weed barrier, burlap and plenty of fabric pins. Landscape fabrics are to be laid down over the topsoil, covering all the areas where no grass and weeds are desired. It is then pinned into place and covered with mulch or stone. The fabric can be cut to fit tightly around vegetation before or after it has been pinned into place. Landscape fabrics allow water to drain through. However, they do not permit sunlight to penetrate the soil, preventing weeds and grass from growing above the layer of fabric.


GCI 400 SeriesGCI’s 400 Series Contractor’s Choice (4oz) 

Top Quality Non Woven Landscape/Filter Fabric

400 Series Contractor’s Choice is Top Quality Landscape/Filter Fabric. At 4oz this product shares the same characteristics as our 600 Series (6oz), but can be substituted on cost conscience landscape jobs or used in light to medium duty stabilization and filtration applications(great behind retaining walls). This American Made fabric is constructed of 100% Non Woven polypropylene for long life, and is easy to cut and install with any blade or razor.


Fabriscape’s 3oz. Spunbond

No Sag Patio/Paver Underliner 

  • Sand or aggregate won’t sink into and intermix with soil
  • Aggregate or sand base thickness can be reduced
  • Prevents ground shifting, cracking, buckling and heaving
  • Increases life of patio & driveway


Weed Control Fabric

  • Stops approx. 95% of weed growth
  • Lets air, water and fertilizer pass through to plant roots
  • Saves you time (no more weeding)
  • Permanent when covered from sunlight


Filter Fabric

  • Protects native soil and silt from clogging drainage septic systems
  • Drainage protection to maintain flow and percolation
  • Prolongs life of septic drain fields and drainage pipes
  • Proven alternative to graded aggregate or sand filters


  • High strength to withstand heavy traffic
  • Gives professional edge, available in retail & bulk
  • Cuts quickly, no fraying
  • Easy to install
  • Permanent when covered from sunligh
Use Under or Around
  • Patio Blocks & Pavers
  • Decorative Stone & Bark
  • Retaining Wall Filter Fabric
  • Drainage and Septic Systems
  • Sand

BurlapFabriscape’s Burlap 

7.0 oz. 100% Natural
Our 100% natural 7 oz. burlap is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Use burlap for soil and wind erosion, plant protection, tree wrap and root balling for shrubs and trees. Retail cases are shipped in a POP display.

2024 Catalog and Price List

Propane Gas Refill Service

Make Tamelings your stop for propane gas refill. We service gas grill bottles, lift trucks, campers, and motor homes.


We at Tameling Industries are always looking for good people to help us with the following day to day operations:

  • Sales Counter: The job would require dealing with both landscapers and homeowners that come into our showroom. Taking delivery orders over the phone and working a basic cash register. We are open during the summer months six days a week and could be looking for full time or part time people.
  • Yard Help: The job would require driving tractors and forklifts loading up landscapers as well as Tameling delivery trucks.
  • CDL Driver: We require a CDL class B with air brake endorsement and CDL class A.