Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost is both a perfect solution to low quality topsoil, and a great addition to high quality topsoil. It is an environmentally safe, organic mixture formulated for modern mushroom production. The compost is formed from a mixture containing straw and stable bedding, which is fortified with organic supplements such as peat moss, cocoa bean shells, soybeans, and cottonseed meal. After the mushrooms are harvested, the material is called “spent” and the compost is then screened to remove bulk materials. The screened final product arrives at Tameling’s ready for sale.

Major uses of Mushroom Compost:

  • Used for generations as a soil ameliorant to improve soil tilth and to provide nutrients
  • Provides an excellent growing media as a plant bed mix, as a top dressing to beds, as a mulch around plants, or as an aid in lawn installation

2024 Catalog and Price List

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We at Tameling Industries are always looking for good people to help us with the following day to day operations:

  • Sales Counter: The job would require dealing with both landscapers and homeowners that come into our showroom. Taking delivery orders over the phone and working a basic cash register. We are open during the summer months six days a week and could be looking for full time or part time people.
  • Yard Help: The job would require driving tractors and forklifts loading up landscapers as well as Tameling delivery trucks.
  • CDL Driver: We require a CDL class B with air brake endorsement and CDL class A.

You can pick up the mushroom compost at our location in Willowbrook, or have it delivered. Please refer to page 1 in our catalog for the delivery fee to your area. For pricing per yard delivered or picked up, refer to page 2. Click on the the link below for the different types of trucks we use for deliveries.

If you are picking up at our yard, click on the link below for vehicle capacities. On that page, you will see what a yard of compost looks like.

Mushroom Compost with Organic Matter

Excellent for:
  • Increasing Nutrient Levels In Various Types of Soil
  • Great for use in Lawns, Flower & Vegetable Gardens, Shrubs, Trees & Evergreens
New Lawns: Spread a layer of Mushroom Compost three inches deep over area to be sodded or seeded and till to a depth of six inches.
Established Lawns: Top dress in Spring and Fall with approximately 1/4″ of Mushroom Compost.
Flower & Vegetable Gardens: Spread Mushroom Compost two to three inches deep over garden and till to a depth of six inches prior to planting.
Shrubs, Trees, and Evergreens: Mix one part Mushroom Compost and one part existing soil. Increase to two parts of Mushroom Compost to one part New Plant Life Top Soil if existing soil is poor.