Comparing Belgard, Rosetta and Unilock

   Basalt      BrightonResidence_Brighton_MI_NM_CFDL_CAR_8.jpg

From left to right.  Belgard Old World Paver in Cotswold Mist.  Unilock Courstone in Basalt. Roestta New Mission Paver in Auburn ridge and Fonulac color.

Tameling Industries carries Belgard, Rosetta and Unilock pavers and retaining walls.  Which paver manufacture is better?  In terms of quality and durability, all three companies come with a lifetime transferable warranty as long as installation meets ICPI ( guidelines.  If you are looking for an authorized contractor, go to their websites for a list of authorized contractors in your area.

Your decision should be based on what you like and are going to be happy with for years to come.  All three companies carry pavers that are very similar to each other but in different colors  and at a different price point .  We  have display racks and installed pathways in our yard for you to look at.  Your are more than welcome to stop anytime even after hours to get a better understanding of color and texture.

Below is comparison chart on all three companies and price per sqft.   Click on the paver below to get color options and specs.  For pricing on pavers not listed, refer to pages 15,18, and 19 in the catalog.

Belgard                                                  Unilock                                                   Rosetta

Cambridge Cobble $3.44 sqft             Olde Greenwich Cobble $3.78 sqft

Hollandstone  $2.63 sqft                     Hollandstone  $2.91 sqft

Hollandstone Textgard $4.30 sqft     Holland Premier $4.31 per sqft

Laffitt 3 Piece Paver  $5.43 sqft          Thornberry  $7.07 sqft

Laffitt Rustic Slab 50mm $4.93 sqft   Beacon Hill $6.56 sqft-$8.70sqft

Laffitt Rustic Slab 60mm $5.95 sqft   Beacon Hill  $6.56 sqft-$8.70sqft

Agilina Pavers $6.79 persqft               Artline $7.11-$11.37 per sqft

Mega Dublin $4.68 sqft                        Brussels Block $5.47 sqft

Mega Laffitt 3 piece  $7.03 sqft           Thornberry $7.07 sqft

Moduline $6.68 sqft                              Umbriano $17.53 sqft

Old World Pavers $7.45sqft                Courstone $10.45sqft                       MissionPaver $8.40sqft

Rinn Patio $7.72 sqft                             Promenade Plank Paver $7.87-$12.63 sqft

Urbana $6.49 sqft                                  Thornberry $7.07sqft

                                                                  Rivenstone $8.33sqft                     Dimensional $7.77sqft

Eco-Dublin $5.08 per sqft                     Eco-Priora $4.32-$9.40  sqft                                                       ($25 cubing fee for non full pallet)      (full pallets only)

Porcelain $10.72-$14.20 sqft                Porcelain $10.05  sqft (extra $270 freight)

($100 cubing fee for non full pallets)     (full pallets only on Unilock porcelain)

Marina Coping $3.13 each                     Brussels Fullnose $3.27 each

Rinn Hydropro Lazino $6.82 per sqt    Eco-Priora   $4.32-$9.40 per sqft

N/A                                                             Richcliff  $10.45 sqft                       MissionPaver $8.40 sqft

N/A                                                            Copthorne   $10.45 sqt                  Amaro Pavers $9.20 sqft

Rinn Padio 14  $7.72 sqft                      Artline $7.11-8.38 sqft



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