Superior Steppers

Superior steppers come in a variety of shapes to fit in any spot.

You want to make a walkway in your backyard and want the look of natural flagstone.  There is a problem with making a walkway or patio with natural flagstone.  The size, shape, thickness and even color of flagstones will vary.  If you want consistent thickness and cuts of flagstone, that will increase the price and waiting time.  What are my options?  I want that natural look.  Tameling Industries has the answer.

Introduced in 2016 is Rosetta’s Superior Steppers.  Superior Steppers gives eight consistent shapes, two thickness and three different colors to choose.   You can have the look of natural flagstone with consistency.

For colors, specs and design ideas, click on the link below.

We  have display racks and installed pathways in our yard for you to look at.  Your are more than welcome to stop anytime even after hours to get a better understanding of color and texture. 

You have the option of picking up the retaining walls in our yard or have it delivered.  For retaining wall deliveries, we use a flatbed truck with a princeton (  The flatbed delivery fee is an extra $70 plus the normal delivery fee to your area and can carry up to 8 pallets.

Superior stepper display in our yard with ruby path decorative stone. Superior steppers in auburn ridge color with mountain granite stone.

The image on the left is our superior stepper display in our yard using all three colors with ruby path decorative stone. The image on the right is superior steppers in auburn ridge with mountain granite decorative stone.






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