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Do you need to seal the pavers?  No, but it is highly recommended for maintaining or enhancing the color of the pavers and for stain protection.

How often do you need to re-seal?  Every 3-5 years depending on weather conditions and if the area is heavy traffic such as  a driveway.

We carry sealers that give a semi-gloss finish or give the natural color of the paver.  Below are the links for the sealers that we carry along with the type of finish they give.  Before sealing, make sure the pavers are clean.  When re-sealing, make sure the pavers are clean and that you use the same sealer as before.

Not sure which sealer brand or finish to choose from.  We have free sample bottles for you to take home.  Use the small sample bottle on a little area that you wish to seal before sealing the whole area.  Then base your choice on the finished look and how easy the sealer is to work with.  However;  certain paver sealers have to be used in certain applications.   For example, water based sealers can be used for indoor use and on natural stone.   Other sealers are recommended around pools areas because they provide anti-slip protection.  Read the labels or click on the links below to see which sealer can be used for your application.

Refer to page 14 in the catalog for pricing.  Click on the link and download the e-book on paver sealers.  This e-book covers topics from types of sealers, how to seal, and sealer issues.

Technisoil NanoPave Joint Stablizer and Sealer

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BP Pro Natural Stablizer Sealer

BP Pro Enhancing Stablizer Sealer

BP PRO Wetlook Stablizer Sealer





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