FlagstoneWe stock 23 varieties of flagstones and natural retaining wall stones, resulting in a wide array of colors and sizes. This stone can be purchased by the pound in any amount, whether it is one piece or multiple pallets.

Flagstone steppers may be used as stepping stones for a path inside a mulch bed, or simply to accentuate shrubs and flowers. Flagstone steppers may even be laid as a patio or walkway.

We carry the following types of flagstones: Chestnut Flagsone, Chilton Steppers, Desert Flagstone, Fondulac Smooth, Fondulac Dimpled, Lannon Flagsone, Irregular Bluestone, and Thermal Cut Bluestone.

FlagstoneFlagstone Wallstone units are typically 2-4 inches thick, 8 inches wide, and can range in length up to three feet. Eight-inch wall stones serve two major purposes. First, they may be used to build a retaining wall. This provides aesthetically appealing protection against erosion. The other common use of wallstones is to outline a mulch bed or to build a wall surrounding a patio. We carry the following types of eight inch wall stones: Lannon, Oakfield, Sandy Creek, Iowa, Fondulac, and Chilton.

FlagstoneAnother type of flagstone we carry is outcropping. This particular flagstone tends to be about 6 inches thick, with lengths and widths up to four feet. These stones are mainly used as steps or placed in mulch beds to add character or another vertical dimension. We carry the following types of outcropping: Holey, Weatheredge, White, Seamface. Chilton, and Morris stone.

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